No Matter Who Wins Today They Will Never Be As Cool As Barry O


I love any reason to post an all-time video of President Obama voting from a few years ago. Just such a charming dude. Obama puts asses in the seats and can still manage a stranger kiss without coming off creepy as fuck, no disrespect to Biden or Trump. I can’t wait to see what Barry does post potus. Most Presidents become awesome as fuck after they leave office. George is out here painting cats and shit.


George HW is wearing bad ass socks and jumping from planes.


Clinton is being Clinton with his outrageously good lip bite. I hope I’m that charming at 70. Unreal levels of je ne sais quoi.


Jimmy Carter is kind of a squid but whatever. There’s always outliers. Obama is gonna set a new level of ‘give no fucks’ when he leaves office and I’m so ready for it.