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Donald Trump Got Booed As He Went To Vote For Himself In New York

All things considered, I have to say that this is a victory for Trump. When I heard he was booed in New York, I was expecting some Jason Bay or James Dolan type boos followed by some heavy F, S, and C-bombs. But those boos were barely “Melo dribbles for 20 second before jacking up a 3 in the 2nd quarter” boo. Those are the boos Yankees fans unleash in May after seeing their team win a million World Series. There were clearly not a lot of hopeless Mets/Jets/Knicks fans in the ilk of KFC at the Trump polling place. C- boos at best.

And while getting booed at your own polling place would be a red flag for most candidates, Donald Trump isn’t most candidates. Partially because New York is always a blue state (I think), partially because this whole fucking election doesn’t make sense.

But the real winner of this video was the drag club Lips.

Good luck getting that kind of free exposure in the wildest election any of us will (hopefully) ever see. If Trump wins, I need to see him and Melania getting down and dirty with the patrons of Lips as “Celebrate” by Kool & The Gang blare on the speakers (that’s what all white politicians have to listen to after a big election win, right?)

Also for the record, my victory song as of now would be 24K Magic. Pretty sure my opponent would concede the minute they found out that was my victory song.

P.S. This picture will make me laugh forever.