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The Royal Family Confirms Megan Markle Is Dating Prince Harry And Tells Everyone To Stop Being A Racist About It

Shit like this makes me so mad, man. Megan Markle is a fucking goddess. She makes Helen of Troy look like a crack whore, yet she still has to deal with racism in this day and age? That’s bullshit. Megan Markle should honestly be reason enough for racism to end. Legitimately, if someone is a racist and you showed them a picture of Megan Markle the only logical response is, “Oh. Ok never mind. Black lives do matter.” I know you’ve gotta be a fucked up person to be a racist and you’ve gotta be a fucked up person to say racist shit on the internet but you’ve gotta me the most fucked up person to see a woman like that and not immediately fall in love. It’s insanity that this is a problem we steal deal with in 2016. Not the racism, but just the fact that beautiful people are disrespected regularly. Makes me smdh for the world.