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The AOL Voice Of "You've Got Mail" Is Now An Uber Driver In Ohio

I can’t decide if that video makes me happy or sad. I’m leaning towards sad. That man has literally been heard by millions and probably billions of people all across the world. He was the voice we all heard after the stress of listening to our dial up internet (hopefully) go through. When you finally heard his voice, you knew you were free to chat with your pals via instant messages and bound about the internet to primitive porn sites and chat rooms with lesbians. Now? Now he just pops up on a person’s Uber app as Elwood. Seems like quite the fall from grace. Can you imagine how many people have gotten into Elwood’s car and not known they were in the presence of a HUGE piece of internet history? There’s a Tom Hanks/Meg Ryan movie named after the words he made famous for chrissake. And now he’s just driving around Ohio picking up drunk people on Friday and Saturday nights. That ain’t right. I guess the old adage is true. Never meet your heroes.