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The Best Election Coverage In The Country Will Be Live On Barstool Tomorrow Night


Just an official heads up. There is one place and one place only to get your election coverage tomorrow and that is LIVE on Barstool Sports. Seriously fuck the cable news networks. Spend what could possibly be the last night before the apocalypse with all of us here at the Stool coming at you live on Facebook.

Maybe the biggest production we’ve ever done. We’ll have El Pres, Riggs and Kat Timpf on the main desk in the office. PFT, Big Cat and Chaps will be pitching in with segments. We’ll be throwing it live to Glenny Balls in Times Square, then calling in remotely we’ll have stars from the past and present – Mike Portnoy, Esquire…Tiko Texas…Paul Lo Duca…Detroit Don…and maybe some other surprises. Everyone else will be in the office drinking Oaks and Cokes and pitching in their enlightened political commentary.

Who will it be? Hillary? Trump? Is there a more fitting place to watch this shit show than on Barstool Sports?

See everyone tomorrow night.