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Trump Supporter Attacks Jay Z For Rapping About "Mazel Tov" Cocktails

Oh no! Not Mazel Tov Cocktails! What’s next? Shana Tovah bombs? Shabbat Shalom guns?? The children are watching and listening, Jay Z!

There’s nothing better than these political types trying to discuss hip hop lyrics. Dating back to the To Live and Die In LA interlude. “I mean, he’s talking about killing people, he’s talking about having sex with your wife…he’s talking about “I want to see you deceased!” I don’t even think Molotov cocktails is a rap thing but just in general it’s been a great election year for all these cream cheese robots being in over their heads. From reporters having to say “pussy” to lobbyists talking about Jay Z lyrics, everyone from the candidates down to the talking heads have looked like fucking idiots this year.