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New Pro-Trump Ad Tries To Sway Virginia Voters Who Want To Keep The Name Redskins

I cannot believe it took this long. We’ve gone the better part of two years with Trump and Hilldog exchanging blows, and it took until the weekend before the election for Trump folk to pull out the ol’ Redskins card. Pretty unreal it took this long. How do you appeal to the old school Virginia voters? The loyal PG County folk, but also the Potomac old people? By letting them know Hillary wants to take away your football team. You thought you and your friends were safe in your man cave from this predator of a woman? Think again. Hillary doesn’t give a fuck about you or your man cave. She doesn’t even think Saturdays are for the boys! She wants to steal your queso, your brewskis, and your football team. And then what will she come for next? Do us men really want to find out? Didn’t think so.