Roundup time, oooooh it’s lit fam.


Welcome back to the best collection of analysis and in-depth reporting Gifs and videos and pictures and Vines (RIP) of the Saturday in college football.

Hits you in the face like-

When your boy tells you he doesn’t like the Roundup-

Before we start…Marshawn Lynch is the fucking man.

Alright let’s get it.

LSU/Bama wasn’t the most exciting feature game

Despite Coach O’s game plan:

Fournette hittin the circle button


Oh yeah and I loved this LSU fan making a mannequin smell his own dick.

HUGE upset for Miss State-

Despite kicking to Christian Kirk which is always a horrible idea.

Ref fist pumps Miss State TD

Crazy play from the Big 12 – Texas Tech rips the ball out right before Texas scores, returns it 100 yards the other way.

Less crazy play

Washington – WHOOP! (Chris Berman voice)

Mizzou QB drinks from bottle thrown on field

Syracuse pass bounces off 4 players, Clemson picks it, returns for TD

Big hit from that one –

Arkansas wins big, their pylon crew does not:

They did win though

Field goal block of the year!

TCU beats Baylor

TCU Mannequin Challenge:

Clemson not to be outdone:

Michigan trick play:

Jabrill Peppers is a lazy piece of shit

Screen Shot 2016-11-06 at 10.36.34 AM

Big time TD run by Tommy Stevens

Best offsides ever


Colorado chant

First punt return for a TD in 12 years

Now for your regularly scheduled program break

This dog was eating ice cream.

Great UVA catch


Quick update on Lamar Jackson, still Lamar Jackson

Big win for Wisconsin, big time power dab

Illinois beats MSU for the first time in a decade, Sparty nightmare season continues

Auburn doing work.

Kentucky football in one clip

Ref gettin after it

New meme

Wait the Roundup is over?