Paul George Kicked A Ball Into The Stands And Drilled A Fan In The Face

I’m so pissed that this happened on a Saturday. I needed this to happen in the middle of February when the sports calendar is barren and watch the talking heads lose their minds debating if Paul George should be fined every dollar he’s ever earned, suspended for life, or put in the electric chair (the death kind not the watch you die on Facebook Live kind) for mistakenly hitting a fan in the head. Paul George died and was buried on Twitter when his leg exploded into a billion pieces a few years ago. You can’t fine, suspend, or kill a dead man. That’s double jeopardy or some shit.

And not to go all old man blogger on you guys, but back in my day camera men worried about Dennis Rodman kicking them in the dick and fans worried about Ron Artest trying to cave their faces in. Getting “Spalding” imprinted on your forehead was just another night at the arena. Then you watched hard fouls and low scoring games before walking back to your house in the snow (uphill both ways, obviously). Now players apologize for kicking a ball at someone’s face. smh.