How About This Little Girl Airing Out Her Dad On National TV For Being Fat?

Not cool, little girl. Not cool at all. Downright mean. I don’t have kids but one of the advantages for being married with kids has to be the ability to let yourself go, right? That needs to be one of the perks if I’m ever going to have kids. I want to completely stop trying. I’m almost there already but I still have to put myself somewhat together when I go out for drinks with friends or other adults. But once you have kids? I feel like that’s when you can get super fat and look like a total piece of shit all the time. And if anybody questions you about it you can just say, “I got kids” and everything is cool. VERY low blow for that girl to tell the entire world that her Dad is fat because he eats so much ice cream. Does she not realize all the dirt her has on her? He’s seen that little girl piss and shit herself for years. Would she want him airing that out on TV? I didn’t think so. Never throw stones at the people who raised you because they can tell some absolute horror stories about you that you don’t even remember.