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This Canadian Chick Is Upping The Ante On The Girl Butt Stuff Jokes On Tinder As Only America's Hat Can


So it looks like the “girls love joking about butt stuff” trend has finally worked its way to Canada. And you have to respect how they make it their own. Witty, working in the word “arsehole,” a little edge to it, it’s all a delight. America’s little brother making it happen. Normally I’m not sure I’d want anything to do with the potentially swampy asshole of a woman employed in the fields of “welding and fabrication” but that also has to be the sexiest bikini picture taken ever of someone working in a factory so let’s call it a wash. Definitely a perk for everyone moving to Great White North after the election Tuesday, I’m sure you’ll all follow through.

And hey it’s another week of the Tinder roundup! The big news I mentioned in last week’s blog: We’re doing a test dating podcast on 11/9 WEDNESDAY NIGHT NEXT WEEK and it’s going to be live. Smitty, Alyssa Rose from KFC Radio’s Scoring Position, and I will be doing a Barstool spin on a Loveline-style live call-in/advice show that’s going to be disgustingly honest and heavily informed by Smitty and my lives as career fuckboys. Half therapy for us, half advice for you guys. Since it’s a test I think we’re going to run it on Periscope but keep an eye on my Twitter for more details. I’m super excited about it, any and all support from the loyal Tinder blog diehards will be greatly appreciated. If you like this blog, you’ll like what we’re going to do with this, I swear it.

And of course make sure to follow me and DM in your screenshots, you guys are the fuel that makes this blog hum every week. Now let’s get to it.


Three for one special, every pickup line must go (via BC)



Might just be me but I can’t imagine a world where a chick willingly calls herself meaty (via NP)


This seems like the mature actions of an adult woman (via BM)


She could just be stealing them to resell as propane #staywoke (via BP)


Running through 20 dudes at 18 seems possible to me in this day and age and that’s horrifying (via CS)


Hate to see a gal be disappointed (via RH)


If she’s too fertile you go to Anal Street, everyone knows that (via JK)


This is on me not her but since it got sent in I kinda expected a No Black Guys to wrap it up at the end (via JT)


Only downside is her gaping asshole would fill up with water and she’d drown (via RK)


She seems like the wrong ethnicity for every single part of this bio (via G)


A) Don’t tell that to Canada B) Choking is timeless you monster, ask David Carradine (via JD)


Icebox IRL (via MS)


This week’s reminder you’d go get Pio Pio with a Peruvian trans girl (via D)


Death, taxes, Penn State overlooking child molestation in locker rooms, and cheerleaders on Bumble…the only certainties in life (via M)


When ur whole body screams “black guy girl” but you don’t wanna be a black guy girl (via G)


(via DT)


Dallas democrats fuck, I’m not surprised (via AC)



You might be overvaluing the pussy a little if you’re a 33-year-old mom throwing a boyfriend application into your profile tbh (via N)


Goddamn there’s nothing like volleyball booty (via CP)


This is a tremendous hypothetical and one that I definitely won’t answer in print (via R)


Great quote, great product display (via AB)


Your competition for the week has a quality approach imo (via X)


Hooters girls: Our nation’s finest resource, no sarcasm at all (via TB)


“Finally disappoint them”? Some of us have been doing that without trying for years (via JS)

And onto the hot and NSFWish ones…


#TheSpagsPromise: Finding every set of see through nips on all the dating apps Daleigh (via ZC)


(via CC)


Modell’s is countering by having a toothless chick shooting ping pong balls out of her pussy on Plenty of Fish (via IC)


Winter’s on the horizon, gotta cherish the far away butt shots while we can (via J)


Too far away of a butt shot but I’m definitely intrigued enough to follow the Insta for more (via MLB)


I’m biased working here but that shirt has to add two points to any chick right?(via MH)


Neeeeeeed the Insta here, even if this profile is fake (via KG)


The #SpagsPromise doesn’t discriminate against nihilist titties, burn the world down with see through nips if you’ve got to (via S)


Cheese curds do a body..interesting? (via CB)


(via DZ)


A very buoyant #SpagsPromise (via MB)


Diversity in side boobs (via JD)


Hippie girl tasteful nudes will always get a swipe right from me (via D)



I follow this girl on Snapchat and can’t cosign enough on the follow here…though I guess she’s some sort of social media-based escort? Weird stuff, 2016 huh? (via AN)


Seems worth a shot (via C)


Offbrand feminist looking chick #SpagsPromise is still a #SpagsPromise (via TK)


Some heaving hanging pierced ones…I do the #SpagsPromise for you guys but sometimes it’s just as valuable for me (via AL)


Don’t even know that I could handle it…pretty confident I couldn’t if we’re being candid…but lord I’d love to try (via C)

And there we have it, another Tinder roundup in the books. Make sure to follow me on Twitter and DM in your screenshots and keep an eye out for that Untitled Dating Podcast we’re testing out next week. Help us help you while I help me help myself. Until the next time…happy swiping!