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This Transcript Of Chris Webber Describing A Klay Thompson Three Will Make You Dumber

It hurts my brain to read this. I guess I never noticed how incoherent Chris Webber is? This reads like the ramblings of an incontinent nursing home patient. “Everybody says the Thompson can’t shoot.” Who is everybody? Has anybody ever said that Klay Thompson can’t shoot? I 100% believe that he is thinking about something else when he’s speaking and is just loosely associating his visions with words he knows. “Welcome to Oakland my friends here call it ‘the town'” literally sounds like something Dr. Steve Brule would say. Last night it all came to a head for Webber, as Twitter destroyed him all game for his nonsensical ramblings and outlandish statements.

Webber could never hack it at the desk with Shaq, Charles and Kenny. But it seems he can’t cut it from the court-side either. I might be a little late to the game, but it seems like Chris Webber is going to be must-listen broadcasting this season for the gibberish alone.