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This Chick Making Art With Her Period Blood Is Gross But Pretty Impressive But Mostly Gross

Daily Mail – Jess Cummin, 20, a painting and print making student at the prestigious Glasgow School of Art and Design – which includes Charles Rennie Macintosh among its alumni – started using her period blood in October 2015.

Now she has created six paintings, featuring women meditating and she even hangs one in her home.

‘I’d be surprised if anyone wanted to buy one, but flattered. ‘I think people think it’s gross but it’s not.’

Jess, from Golders Green, north London, takes between five and 25 minutes to create each picture, and says it is a slow creative process, given that she can only paint with her blood when her period comes each month.

She paints it by collecting her menstrual blood on a brush or using tampons.

This is one billion percent some annoying 2016 feminist thing and I have no doubt I would hate this girl if I had to hear her espouse her thoughts and beliefs for more than ten seconds. And the very concept of smearing a bodily excretion on a canvas and calling it art should offend every single painter who created legitimate masterpieces that could be hung alongside this shit in some gallery. BUT what I will say…that’s some bomb ass period blood art. I can say unequivocally that using a bloody paint brush or a nasty ass used up tampon to draw sounds like less than ideal circumstances but the pictures still look like actual things, they even have sort of a cool look to some of them…I don’t hate it. I’d sooner hang a mural of my family being ritualistically executed over my fireplace than one of her uterine lining works of art but I’ll be damned if I won’t give credit where it’s due.

So yeah shouts to this chick for finding a quality niche in the world, better than some other idiot painting themselves silver or standing in the middle of a room screaming loudly and calling that art like I bet are in her art school classes. If I were in the market for decorative pieces that smell of clots and pennies then I’d be the first one in line for Jess’s product.