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I'm Already Sick Of Russell Westbrook

Russell Westbrook has been the world’s sweet little baby boy ever since Kevin Durant got the fuck out of Oklahoma, like any reasonable person would do. Westbrook is the modern, male version of Jennifer Aniston: he was left surprisingly and betrayed and it all happened very publicly, so now everyone pities him and says, “You go girl! Show them how strong you are!” whenever he so much as leaves the house. I’ll admit, I was the same. I still am, to a certain degree, because there’s no denying how exciting Russ is from the second he walks into the arena until the second he leaves.

But this whining shit? “I guess trash talking is a thing they do now”? Bro, grow up. You spent the summer subtweeting Durant.

Screen Shot 2016-11-04 at 11.47.45 AMScreen Shot 2016-11-04 at 11.47.51 AM

You laughed when asked about him

You made an (awesome) commercial about how now you do what you want

You showed up to your first game in a “Official Photographer” jersey as a shot at KD

In warmups you mocked Curry, your ex man’s new girl

And after all that, they stuffed you in a locker then you complain about some trash talk? You’re surprised that maybe they had a little added motivation, thanks to you, and let that emotion out? That’s so weak, man.

I get it. You’re hurt. That’s totally OK. But running around and trolling and mocking your ex and his new flame then getting all emotional when it comes back to bite you in the ass is lame as shit. You’re the guy who gets dumped and is like, “Fuck that girl, man. I never even liked her. I don’t give a fuck about her. Oh does she have a new bf? That guy sucks too. Fuck them. I honestly don’t care about them at all. Honestly. I really don’t. Do you not believe me? I’m serious, I don’t.” You obviously do, and you’re allowed to, but it’s such a bad look to get all weepy like this when you finally bump into them and they run your show.