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Claude Giroux Is A Dirty Boy

Final Score: Flyers 3, Islanders 2 (SO) | (6-5-1)


Funeral services for Jaro Halak will be held on Monday just in case any of you want to stop by to pay your respects. Even on the offensively shitty ice at the Barclay’s Center, Captain Claude breaks out this beauty. Now I’m actually starting to feel bad for Steve Mason and Michal Neuvirth. No wonder they’ve been so inconsistent lately. They have to go up against Claude every day in practice and he probably puts their confidence and self-worth through a shredder. And with those filthy mitts, Claude Giroux and the Philadelphia Flyers capped off yet another 3rd period comeback win last night. Their 2nd in 2 nights.

I’ll be honest.. last night’s game wasn’t much to write home about. Maybe it was because of the terrible ice. Maybe it was because it was their 2nd game in two nights. But we’ll try to keep this one a little shorter because like I said, it just wasn’t that great of a game. So let’s start off with Radko Mother Fucking Gudas because why not.

Radko Mother Fucking Gudas Because Why Not

Shouts to Konecny for staying with the play and burying his own rebound. This wasn’t even his best play of the night though (we’ll get to that later). But let’s talk about Radko Gudas for a moment here. Steals the candy from John “Pretty Good At Hockey” Tavares and then springs Konecny on a breakaway with a beautiful stretch pass. Turning defense into offense like he’s Shayne Gostisbehere or some shit. And usually how it goes is the player who scored the goal will be the first to go down the line when fist bumping the bench. But Gudas took it upon himself to be the line leader after that apple and the behemoth of a man earned it. Plays like this, a few broken up 2-on-1’s. If last night was your first time watching hockey, you’re probably thinking to yourself that Radko Gudas is the greatest defenseman in the NHL right now. And you wouldn’t be wrong.

Comeback Kids

I know it’s not a winning formula that will last forever. But credit to these fucking idiots. They find a way to pull through and the resiliency displayed in this team is more affirming to me than anything. I know we like to joke around here about heart and grit. But this team doesn’t give up until there’s no more hockey to be played. Would be nice if they had that same level of tenacity in the 1st period of games but beggars can’t be choosers I guess.

Make The Dang Nets Bigger!!!!

Here’s a fancy stat for all you nerds at home. The Flyers have to be leading the league in shots that miss the net. They have to be. They are a very clap happy team. We witnessed that plenty in the overtime period. This team takes a shit ton of one-timers from the point and looking for rebounds like the game-tying goal you just watched. But it’s like watching a bunch of Fulton Reed’s out there. They’re shooting 1-for-5. They got credited with 42 shots on net but I’d say there were close to 60 total.

Classic Islanders “Fans”

Out of the 23 fans that actually made it out to Brooklyn last night, a few of them decided to be knuckleheads and throw trash at the Flyers. Luckily Travis Konecny isn’t the hero we deserve, but the hero that we need. Listen, I’m perfectly fine with Philly fans being labeled as the worst. I find a sense of pride in that. But I’m just here to keep all you other bitches in check as well. Cross Islanders fans off the list of people who are allowed to talk shit on Philly fans from now on. I understand the metaphor they were going for here since they were throwing trash and their team is trash. But still. Stay classy.