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Cubs Fans Decorated Harry Caray's Grave With World Series Pennants And Green Apples

Every year, the World Series will bring out a bunch of celebrities who pretend that they love their hometown team, even though they probably couldn’t name more than two players and didn’t watch a single regular season game. It happens, and it’s harmless. Whatever. The Chicago Cubs, though, are a little bit different. Their celebrity fans, like Bill Murray and Eddie Vedder, are actually diehard Cubs fans who eat, breathe and sleep Chicago Cubs baseball. But perhaps the biggest celebrity Cubs fan of all-time is the team’s former broadcaster, Harry Caray, who had a larger than life personality, which has been impersonated by baseball fans — most famously by Will Ferrell — ever since.

For those who don’t understand why all of those green apples have been placed on Caray’s grave, during his final broadcast of the 1991 Cubs season, he signed off with, “Sure as God made green apples, some day, the Chicago Cubs are going to be in the World Series.” Twenty-five years later, they did just that. And not only were they there, but they won the whole thing.

(h/t CBS Sports)