I Love This Mom Who Used Her Daughter As A Halloween Prop But I'm Not Sure If Her Daughter Does

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Sad that mom won’t let you dress up as Elsa and instead thought you looked best as a Coach bag? Guess what, kid? Tough titties. That’s part of being a kid. Childhood is essentially a two decade long hazing process on your way to joining the fraternity of adulthood. As a small child you’re just there to make us look good. You’re there to make people say, “Well they’ve brought a child into this world and it’s fed and clothed, so they must be somewhat responsible and not a total piece of shit.” As a larger child and young teen you get to the cleaning portion of the hazing. You do all the chores we’ve never done in our lives but now have a slave to make do them. Take out the trash, make your bed, do the laundry, do the dishes, etc, etc. Finally, you get to 16 and you’re now a sober driver. You bring mom and dad out to dinner or if you’re lucky dad decides to take you to the game and your job is to be the arrest-free ride home. Once you hit 21 you’re relieved of duties and can do whatever you want in life, but until that point you do whatever the fuck parents say. Even if that means sacrificing one of the joys of childhood which is going out dressed as your favorite character and collecting free candy.