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How Amazing Is It That Manny Ramirez Is Going To Have A 2004 Red Sox And A 2016 Cubs World Series Ring?

Obviously, he’s not the only person who’s gonna be doubling up on curse breaking rings. Theo made Chicago Fenway Midwest so a bunch of guys will have both, but Manny is the main one for me. I love David Ortiz with all my heart. I love Pedro with all my heart. I love Mookie and JBJ with all my heart. There are a lot of Red Sox players that hold my whole heart in their hands, but no one holds it quite like Manuel Artistides Ramirez. I loved everything about watching him play baseball, from the swing to the goofiness to the throwing traveling secretary down a flight of stairs. He was the greatest right handed hitter you’ll ever see and also the greatest entertainer. He drove the old, white BBWA dickheads nuts and made fans go wild. Everything about him was a goddamn joy.

But who would’ve thunk this? That goofy motherfucker who played left field with Oakley Thumps in and couldn’t tell you what month it was at any given moment is going to have the two most coveted rings in baseball history. Possibly the two most coveted rings in history’s history. The same man who once dove to cut off a ball in left field will have championship rings for reversing the curse and killing the goat. That’s one of the most amazing facts about all of this. Yes first World Series in 108 years is amazing, but Manny Ramirez having a hand in ending the two longest droughts ever is fucking stunning. I love him so much.