This Mom Had Sex With A Drunk 14-Year-Old But Got Out Of Jail Because She Was Drunk Too So It Was Cool

The Sun – A SICK mum-of-two who admitted having sexual contact with a 14-year-old boy when she was “very drunk” has escaped jail.

She escaped jail after admitting one count of sexual activity with a child at Carlisle Crown Court.

Angela Gatt, 37, was caught naked with the lad on top of her by one his relatives after a night of boozing on prosecco and alcopops.

The boy had fled the room because he felt sick and Gatt had to be reminded that he was only 14-years-old.

[Her lawyer] defending said: “She has pleaded guilty at the first opportunity and it is a brave plea because no one can remember what actually happened that evening.”

“This offence was committed when she was drunk and she has no interest in young men. She is not a paedophile. She was very very drunk and did something very very silly and now must face the consequences along with the heavy price she has already paid.”

Judge Barbara Forrester said: “There is a significant disparity of age, a serious breach of trust and you had both drunk alcohol but I accept that you did not provide it to him. What happened after that, we will never know.”

Oh well when you put it like that, totally makes sense. Let he who hasn’t gotten drunk and found himself lying atop an equally shitfaced 14-year-old boy cast the first stone, that’s what I say. But overall I’m kind of shocked at how chill everyone is about the situation. Teenagers getting drunk and almost fucked by a woman over 20 years his senior and the judge is like “Well yeah but you know how that prosecco gets you twisted, don’t be naive.” I’m not sure if I respect the call or if I’m horrified by it. We always say it’s a joke when female teachers get jail for fucking some teenager who’s definitely dying to shoot his little wad after two strokes because he’s been dreaming about it his whole life. But a kid getting hammered around a bunch of adults and getting found by family with some sloppy old chick lying on top of him…I dunno man. Seems like maybe she should at least be getting some community service here.

Also I genuinely feel bad for the kid, I think that’s part of it. He might be a virgin or something and his first memory of sex would be this drunken slob grinding away on his pud while he’s trying not to vomit from all the motion after he got plied with “alcopops.” Sue everyone, kid. Even if you would have just been jerking off into a cum-stiffened sock otherwise, you deserve better.