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Lena Dunham Drops A Rap Music Video For Hillary Clinton "Sensual Pants Suit"

Hold on lets check in with the Hate-O-Meter:


Yup. Its one of those days. Nothing to take your mind off the Mets never winning the World Series like Lena Dunham rapping about Hillary Clinton. That might be the worst combination imaginable. Oh, no. Wait. Check that. Lena Dunham rapping about Hillary Clinton stuffy her soggy roll of toilet paper body into some lingerie. Just an unmitigated disaster. Enough to make you pull for Trump on Tuesday.

The best part is knowing that Hillary’s campaign cant stand this clumpy bowl of bleu cheese. She probably does more harm than good for Hillary at this point. Trump probably secretly encourages this ham and cheese Hot Pocket to keep talking.

PS – Lena this is how you do One Hit Wonders: