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Our Boy Sam Dekker Bit It BAD Last Night At The Garden

Screen Shot 2016-11-03 at 10.05.57 AM

Hey whats the old white boy adage, Dekker? I’ll dunk when its worth three points. Who needs those slam dunk baskets! Our kind stays shooting Js and maybe we’ll clap the backboard on a layup but other than that we gotta stay in our lane. Its like when Hitch is teaching fat Kevin James how to dance.

Its all good Sam. Coming from a guy who has mortified himself on camera more times than I can count, people eventually forget. Just kidding they never do you’ll see this vine for eternity. I bet you thought you were gonna get away with this one with game 7 on but the internet never stops, bruh. I mean you almost popped the ball with that beak. But you guys smoked my Knicks on their home court and you had a solid game so whatever. Also you’re a millionaire.

Just keep doing what you do best and thats be white: