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Dallas Braden's Champagne Swigging Video Was My Favorite Reaction From Last Night

There are plenty of “old person reaction” videos going around- some emotional, some weird, and some are simply flat out great to watch. This one right here is my favorite. Just pure joy, something I’m not sure I’ve ever experienced. All the years of torture, the decades of losing, the close calls, all culminating in a World Series last night. Maybe I’m growing soft in my old age, but seeing old folks, who you know have had their fair share of loss and heartbreak, experience joy like that makes me feel like the Grinch as my heart grows 3 times bigger.

The other good thing about the Cubs winning the World Series is we can stop talking about “curses”. I’m not a believer in curses, I think you’re stupid if you do believe in curses, and now that can all be laid to rest. All you need is a good GM, talent to pan out, and some luck. You should never go 108 years without a championship, but it’s obviously possible when your team isn’t being run like a professional team should.

On the other hand, the Cubs no longer having the 108 year draught sucks because it was one of the last great stories in baseball. The Red Sox won theirs, and now the Cubs have too. Baseball in a way needed teams like those, it was what made the game special and unique. It’s not like the Cardinals in football- the Sox and Cubs were historic franchises in legendary ball parks, each with their own ridiculous stories and heartbreaking defeats like Buckner and Bartman. Now we have to wait to see if any team will take the Cubs place as the sad losers of baseball, but it’ll never be the same.