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Best Soccer Highlight Of The Week Comes When This Player Hops Into The Stands To Boot Heckler In The Head


Ayyyyyyyyyy dios mio!!! If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times. Going to any soccer match in South America is the most dangerous thing anybody could ever do. Doesn’t matter if it’s professional or just a bunch of drunks playing pick-up. Somebody is going to be leaving either in an ambulance or in handcuffs. Unfortunately, as much as I love this move from Sebastian Pol, he’ll be doing the latter.

Daily Mail – Pol, who comes from the Argentine city of Mendoza, lashed out after his side’s heavy defeat.

He climbed onto railings by the team dugout before launching his Cantona-style attack. Cristobal Aztorquiza, the fan who was attacked, said afterwards: ‘He kicked me in the face. He climbed onto the railings and attacked me. I’m going to file a formal complaint.’

Pol could now face up to two years in jail if convicted under a law designed to eradicate stadium violence in Chile.

2 years in jail because some asshole was running his mouth the whole game while you were getting your ass kicked? Jesus H. Christ is the judicial system in Chile fucked or what? I’m a firm believer in allowing fans do/say whatever they want at games. However, they need to understand the risk they’re taking in doing so. If you want to heckle the shit out of some maniac all game, by all means go ahead and do it. Just know that when you poke a bear for long enough, you’re bound to get mauled at some point. Would it have been nice if Sebastian Pol focused his efforts on kicking the ball into the back of the net for his team instead of trying to kick some heckler’s head off his shoulders? Sure. But if fans want to be a part of the game, then they have to go all in. Anything that happens during the match (30 minutes prior and 30 minutes after) should be fair game. Players hitting players, fans hitting fans, players hitting fans. That’s just good clean fun in the name of sports.