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Indians Fan Knocked The Shit Out Of A Cubs Fan After The Game Last Night

Well there’s one L we took last night. You know what’s crazy, I have zero hate for Cleveland. That series was too good and compelling for me to make 3-1 jokes and all that shit. A Game 7 coin flip game that goes to extra innings isn’t as much about one team beating the other as it is about one team surviving just a little bit longer. If anything the real winner on 3-1 jokes last night was Steph Curry, who somehow gets off the hook, that soft ass baby back bitch. Even Draymond Green knew he had heard the last joke from a Cleveland fan after last night.

Oh and for what it’s worth, I put this on the Cubs fan. We just won the World Series, that’s a walk away and get drunk moment if I’ve ever seen one. You couldn’t pay me to get in a fight with someone after one of my team wins a Championship. No fucking way. Also might want to keep those hands up, just a thought.