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"We're Coming Home To Chicago And I'm Going On A Bender" -Theo

Quick question. How many beers can one guy drink when he reaches immortal status? Because that’s how many beers Theo is going to drink in this next week. He was already untouchable but now it’s on a whole new level. Two curses broken, a 5 year plan that delivered in exactly 5 years, and a team that should compete for the next decade. Holy fuck that must be absolutely insane. Theo basically just threw up an Out Of Office sign in the world’s face. Don’t even try to talk to him for the next week, he’s getting drunker than all hell and no one can stop him. It’s good to be the King.


Love how Theo gets mad at Kap for asking him a 2017 question then basically is like ok but seriously we’ve already thought this out and here’s my answer even though I’m already drunk.