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Willson Contreras Getting Emotional In Post Game Is Why We Watch Sports

This is such an awesome moment. I feel like I could do this with each and every guy on this team but because of this video I’ll start with Willson. Did you ever imagine Willson Contreras would be up in the majors, not only contributing but STARTING a World Series Game 7 this season? Absolutely wild stuff. Just no chance anyone thought he would get his catching game up to snuff to call such an important moment but he grew up in a matter of weeks/months this year and became so fucking dependable. Add in the fact that he basically played every position in the minors in attempts to find his spot and the entire time he was dealing with the threat of kidnappers with his family stuck in Venezuela and I couldn’t be happier for a guy. He was that young energy, that swag, that carried this team to last night. Tying RBI in Game 4 against the Giants, started a World Series Game 7. You don’t win this thing this year without Willson Contreras and the contributions he made, I truly believe that, and it’s beautiful to watch him have this type of moment.