Does This Look Like The Face Of An Indiana Frat Bro Arrested For Beating A Skunk To Death With A Shovel?

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BLOOMINGTON, Ind.An Indiana University student was arrested on Friday after he allegedly beat a skunk to death with a shovel.

According to police, a fraternity house on the Bloomington campus has been having problems with skunks.

Last Friday, some of the fraternity members were playing basketball when a skunk walked across the court.

Police say Andrew Baldini picked up a shovel and hit the skunk. The skunk was injured by the blow and limped away.

Baldini followed the skunk and hit it several more times with the shovel, killing it on a public sidewalk on East 3rd Street.

Baldini was arrested and transported to the jail on a felony charge of animal cruelty.

What an absurd story. Listen do I give a shit about skunks? Do I pity them? Do I care if they’re wiped off the face of the Earth? No I do not. Fuck skunks. But I’ll tell you what I worry about a lot more than skunks and that’s wild ass loose cannon frat boys who see one walking across a basketball court and smash it over the head with a shovel, then pursue its stunned limping body down the street to bash the rest of its skull in until it’s dead. That’s a lot bigger concern to me than some dumbass animal. A guy with so many screws loose being allowed to live in the same society as me. Don’t know what the sentencing guidelines for felony animal cruelty are but if it’s anything less than Life + 100 years I’m protesting.

PS – Go Cubs.