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Does This Look Like The Face Of A Guy That Made A New Face For Himself Using A 3D Printer And A Smartphone?

Daily Mail- A cancer survivor whose face was ravaged by a tumour, leaving him with a large hole where his eye, nose and cheekbone had been, has become the first person to receive a 3D printed face prosthesis made with a smart phone. Married former salesman Carlito Conceiçao has lived with the hole and an uncomfortable prosthetic that kept falling off since 2008 – but now a ground-breaking procedure used a free app on a smartphone to built and print a 3D image of the missing part of his face. Researchers now hope to train as many people as possible to make the affordable and practical technology accessible in remote areas of the world where people have minimal health care services.

Mr Conceiçao, 54, was diagnosed with upper maxillary carcinoma, an aggressive form of cancer in the upper palette of his mouth. The cancer spread rapidly, destroying facial tissue on the right side of his face and half of the roof of his mouth, as well as damaging his throat. Life-saving surgery halted the spread before it reached his brain, but when the tumour was removed, it claimed his right eye socket and part of his nose, sending him into depression. Since the surgery eight years ago, Mr Conceiçao – a father-of-two who used to be a salesman in Sao Paulo – has used an uncomfortable prosthetic that kept falling off.

Well it’s official ladies and gentlemen. We are in the future! Sure there aren’t flying cars or hoverboards. But the Cubs have a chance to win the World Series tonight and we can now print peoples’ faces using 3D printers AND A PHONE! I never thought I would see the day where Face Off is possible. Not only is it possible, but you don’t even need to steal Nic Cage’s face. I imagine you just have to take a selfie on an iPhone 5 or better, email your pic to the 3D printer, and boom, you have a new fucking face. Unbelievable. Now granted I never have and never will understand how 3D printers work. But being able to create a face is so ridiculous, it’s not worth even explaining to me. Like if the planet is so fucked, why don’t we just build a new planet using a 3D printer? Riddle me that, science.