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Kevin Durant Thinks Jake Layman Should Play More After He Lit It Up Last Night In His NBA Debut

Inside Maryland - It took nearly four games for Jake Layman to make his NBA debut, but he made the most of his first chance Tuesday night against the Golden State Warriors. The 6-foot-9 former Maryland forward checked in for the first time with eight minutes left in the fourth quarter, the Trailblazers down 114-81, and finished with 17 points. He went five-of-seven from three-point range, also adding a dunk, steal, rebound and assist. His five three-pointers tied him with Donyell Marshall for most threes in a NBA debut and put him one shy of Portland’s franchise record for threes in a fourth quarter.

“I thought we put together a really good game, other than Layman getting hot in the fourth quarter. Maybe he should be playing more,” Warriors star Kevin Durant said afterward.

Jake Layman eating! Love to see this out of him. Finally saw some NBA action, a little mop up duty, and he went to work. Dropped 17 points in 8 minutes, including 5 3’s. Got high praise from KD, who thinks he should be playing more. That has to feel good for Layman. Setting records and having KD name drop him in the post game interviews, that’s how you make a debut. I’m not saying Layman is this year’s MVP, but it’s pretty fucking awesome for him to come into the game last night and light the place on fire.

Dame gave him high praise as well:

A little bitter sweet because of the blow out loss, but a hell of a silver lining for the man with the golden hair.