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Last Night Joel Embiid Was Officially Introduced As "The Process" By The Sixers PA Announcer

Joel Embiid is making basketball fun again. Well, other than the Sixers continuing to lose every game they play. But that’s the beauty of Sixers basketball, we’ve been conditioned not to expect to win. Jojo is still within his minutes restrictions, but still put up a big boy stat line of 18 points, 10 boards, 4 blocks in 24 minutes. Still, we felt the growing pains, as Embiid had a costly turnover in the final minute with the game tied. Whatever. We expect it. It’s just a sigh of relief to finally have a player this dominant and this fun. Joel’s numbers have made the Sixers fan base all but forget about Ben Simmons.

Meanwhile, at Barstool, it looks like the Jojo, Jojo, Jojo and Joe Show is gonna go into some kind of development. It’s a very exciting time for the world. I have loads of dumb ideas I’d love to dump on out there, but I also want to know what the people want. Any type of feedback about format, segments, guests, etc. is more than welcome. Let’s make this as great and stupid as possible.

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