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I Stand With This Woman Who Stole An Entire Bowl Of Halloween Candy

Daily Mail - A woman in New York got a little too grab-happy when it came to Halloween candy and stole an entire bowl. The unidentified woman from Westchester, New York, was caught on surveillance camera nabbing the sweet treats on Halloween. There were no children in sight when the woman scooped the candy. A sign on the bowl is there to indicate children who are trick-or-treating may take candy from the dish.

 Screen Shot 2016-11-02 at 10.12.32 AM

Fuck it, I stand with this woman. I’m tired of the pussification of America. It’s like that story from yesterday where the dad gave people on the plane candy so his daughter could “trick or treat”. Guess what? That’s not trick or treating, that’s being a shitty dad and booking a flight at the wrong time and stealing Halloween from your daughter. Trick or treating is outside, in the elements, going door to door. Not bugging people on an airplane to give you candy they didn’t buy.

So good for this woman for seizing an opportunity. We can’t have it both ways. It’s a dog eat dog world and she saw an opportunity and jumped at it. If some dingleberry is going to leave an unattended bowl of candy just lazy daisy sitting on their front stoop with a stupid sign attached to it, either a stray cat or in this case a land whale is going to eat all of it. It’s simple Darwinism that you learn in 6th grade. And now this savvy woman, as fucked up as some might say it is, has candy for the next month…errrr….week or so. So I think everyone learns a lesson here- mostly don’t be “that house” and leave a bowl of candy out. Nobody respects that sign. Eventually someone was going to come around and dump the whole bowl, it just happened to be an old crotchety woman this time. And the kids the candy was meant for? Well, too bad, too sad. Be quicker to the jump next time, hooligans. Good for this lady, and may her diabetes be as sweet as that bowl.