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The Sixers Trade Jerami Grant For Ersan Ilyasova And A First Rounder

The Sixers needed shooting plain and simple, so Ilyasova is the answer it seems. He’s an expiring contract that can’t seem to stick with any team, so the chances of him being a long term solution for the Sixers are slim to none, but the intent is clear. We fill a need, balance the roster, clear up our front court situation. In a vacuum, as an idea, it’s a good move. The problem is that Jerami is probably going to be the better player in the long run. He’s just not a natural small forward.

The kicker of the trade is the draft pick. The reports are that it’s going to be a first rounder.

This wins the trade for the Sixers. Grant was a second rounder, and wasn’t going to play a ton. Especially with Simmons coming back. A first makes sense, because with the Thunder spending $184 million dollars on Monday, we’re really helping them with some financial relief. Somehow, this trade makes the Sixers better now and in the future. I’m sad to see Jerami Grant go. He seemed like a good dude and was a high flying player who was a ton of fun to watch. But one trade in to the Bryan Colangelo era and he hasn’t disrupted the Process. Yet.

UPDATE: Sixers get the pick if it’s in the bottom 3rd of the first. Still a win.