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The Sound That Occurs When You Cut A Vagina With Scissors Is Bad


These stock photos of labor and delivery are horseshit. Nobody is laying there all calm and cute, not to mention the fact that the monitors aren’t even on. That’s a safety issue, but that’s beside the point. When you are leg spread on THAT bed, it’s time to freak out. Shit is about it get real. For centuries, people have set you up for absolute failure when talking about the delivery process. Not anymore, folks.

On this week’s episode of Podfathers we talked about the process of having a baby. And, to be frank, sometimes the things you see in a delivery room can be horrifying. It’s not the sights that stay with you for weeks. It’s the sounds.

In order for the vagina to not tear, sometimes the doctor will cut that thing open from pee hole to butthole. The sound is actually not good! That being said, seeing and hearing everything in the birthing process is worth it because a few years later you get to celebrate Halloween with your little monsters and it makes everything worth it.

Listen to this week’s episode here and on podcast one or basically anywhere where you can listen to podcasts at this point.