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Cubs Test Out New Right Field Sign That Won't Obstruct Rooftop Views Except For The Part Where It Totally Obstructs Every Roof Top View

 Screen Shot 2013-10-31 at 9.45.43 AM

Taken from one of the roof tops

Screen Shot 2013-10-31 at 9.46.35 AM

Picture From


(Source) The Chicago Cubs did a test run of their new right-field advertising board this week, using a crane to temporarily hoist a sign reading “Wrigley Field” into position atop the right-field bleachers.

If that photo is accurate — it appeared in the Chicago Sun-Times, and just says “provided photo,” so not clear who actually took it or from where — that could be a little bit of a problem, yeah. And rooftop owners immediately threatened to file suit if a sign (the actual one would apparently read “BUDWEISER”) is made permanent, under the contract they have with the Cubs to give the team a cut of revenues in exchange for rooftop patrons being allowed to peer in on the games:

“We’ve been crystal clear. Any sign that blocks the views of the rooftops will result in legal action. This violates a contract that the Cubs have with rooftop owners” that requires the clubs to share 17 percent of their revenues with the team, rooftops spokesman Ryan McLaughlin said in a statement.

The Cubs management response, meanwhile, starts to make clear what the team’s legal strategy is likely to be in this case:




I absolutely love the Cubs response here.


“Every one of these rooftops still has a view inside this ballpark. I didn’t say the same view. But, we believe every rooftop partner will be able to have a view inside the ballpark,” [Cubs spokesperson Julian] Green said.



I didn’t say the same view guys but you’ll have a view of something. You have eyes, your eyes will be able to see things. I didn’t say baseball things, I just said things. Did the sign make you go blind? No, so shut the fuck up and drink your beer.



And you know what, the Cubs need to get tough. Want a World Series, well that costs money and an enormous Budweiser sign in right field brings in a LOT of money. If it goes to free agents, player development, quality coaching, then it’s completely fine by me. Put up a million signs, if it helps win a Championship and the ownership group makes smart baseball decisions no one will give a fuck.