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The Last Living Member Of The 1948 World Series Champion Indians Will Be In The House Tonight For Game 6

I saw this video last week, and I didn’t blog it because it just straight up made me sad. There’s no way to put a funny or positive spin on a 95-year-old man who feels like he’s been forgotten. That’s pretty much everybody’s nightmare.

Eddie Robinson was a four-time All Star in his 13-year major league career, and he is the only man who is still alive from the last team to win a World Series with the Cleveland Indians in 1948, nearly 70 years ago. And it’s not like he was just “some guy” on that team, either. Side note: I’m gonna be so pissed when the last surviving member of the 2004 Red Sox is like fucking Cesar Crespo or something, and that’s who they have to bring back for nostalgic purposes in 2070. Anyway, Robinson was the starting first baseman for the Indians in 1948, and played all six games of the 1948 World Series at first base. He went on to hit .300 in the World Series, including knocking in the eventual game-winning run against Warren Spahn in Game 6, which clinched the title for the Tribe.

Now, I could go on and on about, how in the FUCK did you not invite this guy back in either Games 1 or 2 of the World Series if you’re the Cleveland Indians, but it’s all good because they got it right after Robinson did a few interviews and talked about how upset he was that he wasn’t invited back. And he should be upset. All due respect to Kenny Lofton, but when you have a guy with Robinson’s resume, who not only won a World Series with the Indians, which Lofton never did, but is the final surviving member of the last Indians team to actually win a World Series, how does that guy not get a phone call? Bizarre.

Regardless, he and his wife will be in the house tonight when Josh Tomlin takes on Jake Arrieta in Game 6 of the World Series. The Indians hooked him up with a suite for the game, and I suppose everything happens for a reason, because it makes much more sense to have him at Progressive Field to potentially witness the Indians win a World Series for the first time since he drove in a run to seal the deal in 1948, as opposed to being there for the first two games. Either that, or the Cubs will come all the way back, and our buddy Eddie will still be the king of the hill. It’s a win/win for him.