No, People, The Eagles Are Not Looking At Terrell Owens Even If He Is "Available"

Well isn’t that special. So sports sites and idiots everywhere are going buckwild over T.O. saying one word in response to being asked if he’s ready to come back to play for the Eagles. Sadly, even while AARP eligible age he probably would help out this piss poor receiving corp. But come on, people. Relax. There’s no way in HELL T.O. is ever going to be useful with a NFL organization again sans waterboy, and even then he’ll find a way to make it all about himself. If he could still play, he’d be playing. And, yes, I am still semi-bitter for him being the catalyst behind exploding in 2005 and ripping the Eagles Super Bowl team apart. No athlete had this city by the balls more than Terrell Owens when he arrived in 2004, and he knew it. Especially after going full Superman in the Super Bowl on a broken leg. It’s just a damn shame he tightened the grip on our nuts and bitchslaped McNabb during the following camp and made the locker room spontaneously combust. We could’ve been someone, T.O. We could’ve been a contender. So, yeah, stay the fuck away from Philly for the time being, please.

My personal 3 funniest videos that have ever graced Barstool, in no particular order, is when Portnoy went to the Super Bowl Media Day. Big Cat pitches to Mark Cuban. And Caleb interviewing Terrell Owens. Holy hell this was classic stuff.