It Turns Out LeBron's Halloween Party Also Had "Steph Curry" And "Klay Thompson" Tombstone Cookies


See, now that’s funny. A day after I got on LeBron for trying to keep the 3-1 Lead joke alive forever, I have to give him credit for these cookies. In all facets of life, you never know when your next championship will come. Whether it’s in the NBA, in intramural sports, or anything else in life. When you are on top, you should take pleasure in perpetually gutting your opposition after the confetti stops raining down. It’s the reason why the fantasy football message board or email chain are so active throughout the season and then only one person is chirping from January until August. If that isn’t the American way, I don’t know what is.

But I will say this for LeBron. If you post those cookies on Instagram, you have to be ready for any and all retribution you get if the Cavs don’t win the title this year. Wearing a Kermit tea hat and Ultimate Warrior shirt after Game 7 was all well and fine in the moment. And he is still eating the misery of the Warriors more than 4 months later. But if the script gets flipped on him, I don’t want to hear any complaining about people dancing on or eating tasty recreations of his grave. I love a cocky winner, but there is nothing worse a cocky winner that goes radio silent and complains after he loses. Those guys are the fucking WORST.