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South Carolina Fan Storms The Field After Beating Tennessee, Realizes He's The Only One Who Did It - Gets Banned By SEC For Rest Of Season

COLUMBIA, SC (WACH)Over the weekend a Gamecock fan rushed the field following South Carolina’s upset of #18 Tennessee. The only problem? He was the only one to do so. USC freshman student Will Mackey stormed the field, expecting other fans from the student section to follow him. Once he got to mid-field, he whipped out his phone to record what he believed would be a massive crowd of fans following behind him to only find out he was the only one out there.

The Cincinnati native says he was unaware of the SEC policy of storming the field and as a result has been informed that he won’t be allowed to request student tickets for the remainder of the season.

As of Monday night, Will’s video was retweeted by nearly 4,000 people with over 7,000 favoriting it. WACH FOX’s Mike Uva caught up with Will to share a moment this Gamecock fan will never forget.

So fucking funny. What’s up with the Carolina fans by the way? Been a lot of football-related stuff to care about lately? Like you just knocked off Tennessee and you’re at home and drunk and in college, who the fuck doesn’t rush the field after that? Literally every single person except Will Mackey I guess. Just putting the whole school on his back.

Can’t remember the last time I was happy about anything even half as much as this dude was happy about storming the field by himself. Pure joy.

Also the SEC can fuck right off the storming policy and the full season ban. Grow up.