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This Dude Who Jumped Out of the Pool While A Crocodile Attacked His Wife Will Be Sleeping On The Couch For The Rest of His Life

Daily MailA couple’s late night frolic in a lodge’s pool in Africa nearly turned into a blood bath after a crocodile suddenly jumped in.

Terrifying CCTV footage shows the 6ft crocodile creep up on the unaware victims between empty sun loungers.

It then lunges into the water immediately snapping at the bikini-clad woman who desperately begins fighting it off.

The man quickly jumps out of the pool leaving the woman fending off the huge reptile alone as it splashes around underwater.

Luckily, she manages to avoid being forced deeper into the water and furiously paddles back to the shallow end.
By that time her partner has seen sense and returns to the poolside to try and distract the animal.

The woman manages to clamber out and gets to her feet despite having suffered several bites.

Love all the internet tough guys jumping all over this dude calling him an asshole and saying “chivalry is dead” blah blah blah. Chivalry is when you give a girl your jacket because she’s cold or hold the umbrella over her head when it’s raining. Chivalry is when you hold the door and let her enter the restaurant first or buy flowers or bring breakfast in bed or inconvenience yourself slightly to help her if she needs it. This situation, this does not qualify. I mean her foot isn’t stuck in a sewer grate or something. That’s a fucking crocodile. Like it’s a big ass motherfucking gator with gigantic teeth that will eat your face off. What kind of absolute moron wouldn’t jump out of that pool as fast they can? What are you gonna do, box it? You say he’s a dick, I say his evolution is strong, social Darwinism, survival of the fittest, Google it.

Don’t have to be faster than the crocodile – just have to be faster than your wife.