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A Guy Wasn't Happy With Airport Security Touching Him So He Went Nuts And Took Out Everyone

Everyone hates the airport, waiting in lines, anxiety about missing your flight, confusion on where to go. But I can say unequivocally that it is inexcusable to get this angry at an airport and start attacking and flipping employees all over the place. They don’t deserve that, already getting paid minimum wage even though they’re quite the last line of defense between us and national tragedy.

But if there’s any place where I could completely understand going on some sort of ballistic rampage where you end up needed to be tranq’d down like a wild bear, it’s the airport. You’ve got all the stress listed above, the fact that you’re paying hundreds of dollars for the privilege, you’re forced to walk around barefoot with your pants falling down because they can only figure out how to properly security check belts and shoes if you pay for an extra service to get you on a faster line, and all you can do is futilely bitch on Twitter to some customer service idiot for any hope of resolution if you have an issue. It’s the shittiest process we have, even though it’s basically a marvel of humanity to fly like a bird great distances in short amount of times. You can tell by how indifferent everyone was to the violence in front of their eyes, they all wished they could do the same thing. Unfair to these workers, a crime, this guy’s a nutjob…but I understand.

Plus if I’m the airline all these idiots need to be fired immediately. If you can’t stop some dude from lashing out because you touched him, you’re going to be able to stop some foreign decorated soldier turned suicide bomber? No fucking chance. Bump these Keystone Cops down to Cinnabon and, even then, they can’t be trusted with glazing the buns. Our diabetic national security is too precious.