LeBron James Had A "3-1 Lead" Decoration At His Halloween Party. LOL!

I think we all had our fun with the whole Warriors blowing a 3-1 lead in the NBA Finals joke. I was rooting for the Warriors during the whole series, but even I partook in the festivities. Laughing at the misfortune of others is why Dave Portnoy invented the internet. But I thought that all of that mumbo jumbo was going to die once the season started. Or maybe when the Cavs got their rings. Or maybe once the Warriors won their first game. But based on Twitter and things like this decoration, I guess this is another internet meme we are going to drag through the streets as its skin peels away from its dead carcass. I bet there was an Arthur fist with a Warriors logo or some double entendre involving Ken Bone and Draymond Green’s dick crushing fetish just out of frame.

All I am going to say is this. Be wary, Cleveland. The internet is a fickle beast and it has been clowning for for years. And this 3-1 nonsense is all fun and games until those demented sports gods flip it and reverse it on your ass.


Also shout out to Kevin Love for not only getting into LeBron’s Instagram Fam, but stealing the show with a great Lloyd Christmas.

Oh yeah and apparently Kyrie can dance even better than he can cross fools up (Boat full of Beckys not included).