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The Full Gamut Of Signs Was On Display For The World Series


Big weekend for signs. Seems like every live tv set in the country is turning into College Game Day.

Let’s take a look at some signs featured during the World Series in order from fun to too serious. It’s about ethics in TV sign use and one sign in particular was flat out upsetting.

First up is Dude Wipes.

Dude Wipes is seemingly the new Washington State flag at College Game Day. Everywhere I looked on TV this weekend, I saw a Dude Wipe poster in the crowd. Can’t hate on that marketing effort. I respect the hustle from our pals at Dude Products.

Next up are the people who brought the Hillary For Prison sign.
You have to imagine the guys who brought the Hillary For Prison signs are just fun folks to be around. In an election cycle that’s been filled with vitriolic back and forth, it’s nice to escape to sports to get away from it all. Nothing accomplishes that like a Hillary For Prison sign. Just a little light-hearted banter. They aren’t even mad. They are laughing.

Lastly is the rude ass people who brought the sign that suggests that Joe Buck rolls the toilet paper under. I get that a lot of people aren’t Joe Buck guys. But, there’s gotta be a cruelness line that we refuse to cross. We can’t tolerate this type of bullying in the crowds. Have some taste, some decorum, some decency. What’s next? Are we gonna tolerate signs that say our favorite announcers fold their toilet paper instead of crumbling which obviously gives you the best and cleanest butthole? Is that where we are headed? I hope not. I really hope not.