This Is A Very Iowa Political Commercial

Disclaimer: I don’t give a fuck about politics.  I don’t know or care what this lady’s politics are.  This commercial is just Iowa through and through.  So Iowa that I actually thought it was a joke.  From the prevalence of farm animal shots to the commercial taking place in an actual barn and then of course the part where she talks about castrating hogs.  That part was like a cold splash of water in the face.  Didn’t see it coming but it woke me up more than my large coffee ever could.  I was honestly afraid she was gonna grab one of those pigs and go to work on it.  I really feel for this chick’s husband.  No way she doesn’t dominate him in every aspect of their relationship.  She pays the taxes, she shovels the driveway, she picks the position and she decides what temperature the thermostat gets set at.  A person doesn’t grow up castrating hogs, have an unintentionally funny catch phrase like “Let’s make ‘em squeal” and then not be the alpha in any and all relationships.  It’s not possible.  Honestly, when she came right out of the gates talking about castrating hogs I really thought it was an SNL spoof about Iowa or something.  Nope.  Just your average Iowa politician throwing her hat in the ring for the US Senate.  Another day in this great state.