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This Kid Busting Out Actual WWE Pro Wrestling Moves In A Street Fight Is Impressive And Emasculating

First of all: Love that this had a soundtrack that matched up perfectly to this dude delivering a People’s Elbow to the kid in the purple. The shots after were perhaps a bit excessive given that the guy was down on the ground motionless and unconscious…but what the hell, we might as well let that slide given the pure electricity on display here. I mean this kid got as big of a reaction from that crowd as anyone actually in the WWE right now. It’s a shame to see his art not on a bigger stage but hopefully this video gets him on the track to his natural born path as a professional wrestling superstar. The Rock for Our Generation.

Or in jail. Decent chance the kid in the purple is dead and a judge might be slightly less lenient because of this kid’s performance artistry. Pro wrestler or life in prison, gotta be one of those two.

PS Might be a good time to catch up with my 2016 Internet Fight Video of the Year contenders, only one month left for some intrepid social miscreant to grab the crown (deleted stories from the BarstoolSports Snapchat are not eligible).