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We've Got A Manhunt Going On In Antioch For A Guy Who Looks Like Walter Sobchack's Long Lost Brother




(Source) A manhunt continued in north suburban Antioch late Monday in connection with what police called a “suspicious death” case. Police said 54-year-old Billy E. Varner was wanted for questioning in regards to the case. Authorities gave no details on the death, but warned residents not to approach Varner if they see him, and instead call 911, the release said. Varner was last seen driving a 2002 tan Chevy Extended Conversion van, with Illinois license plate number N943872, police said. Residents told NBC Chicago that two bodies, believed to be an elderly woman and her son, were taken out of a home in the 1200 block of Main Street around 5 p.m. Anyone with information on Varner or the van described should call police at (847) 395-8585.



Hey um Billy, no offense or anything here, but you’re not exactly helping you’re “I’m innocent” case. The whole I only have one picture of me in the world and It looks likes it’s from 1985 and features a thin mustache, balding head, neck rolls and yellow tinted glasses isn’t exactly making everyone think you’re in the clear. It looks like you haven’t been out of your house, besides your monthly trip to get more cat food, in 3 decades. Rough look dude, rough rough look.


I will say this though, the conversion van totally threw me for a loop. That’s not a criminal’s van at all. Completely under the radar.