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This Soccer Player Juggling His Gum Back Into His Mouth Is Equal Parts Disgusting And Incredible

Grosssssssssss but awesssssssssssssssome. A goddamn roller coaster is what it was. It looks all but over when he failed to get it into his mouth the first time BUT WAIT he’s still got it! Probably not Stingray Steve worthy but close. My favorite part might’ve been right at the end when he’s walking off and trying to act cool but also looks back like, “DID YOU GUYS SEE THAT?!?!?!?” It was really a once-in-al-lifetime feat that needed to be witnessed. Kinda like a hole-in-one. I’m not sure where to rank that on athletic feats but I wanna say it’s in the top-5. There needs to be a ranking system for awesome sports moments that aren’t actual sports. Like remember the drunk fan at the Ryder Cup who sank a putt right in the face of the Europeans and set the tone for the weekend? That will forever be #1 on that list. That dude juggling his gum 500 times and miraculously getting it back in his mouth is a distant #2 but still #2 on this non-existent made up list.