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Someone Destroyed Trump's Hollywood Walk Of Fame Star With A Pick-Ax

Screen Shot 2016-10-26 at 10.39.32 AM

Screen Shot 2016-10-26 at 10.48.47 AM

Watch the vid here

Do I totally agree with this move? No, I don’t. But goddamn if I’m not impressed a little bit. No half measures with this gentleman. He went all out for this one. LA department of transportation signs, traffic cones, reflective gear, the whole nine. Anyone walking by undoubtedly thought, “Well would you look at this dedicated public servant! Out here at five in the morning destroying Trump’s walk of fame star. You don’t see hard work like that often enough anymore.”

And you know what? Now that I think about it, Trump might even appreciate this move. I’m not sure if you knew this but that star has been put through the fucking ringer this election season. People have spray painted swastikas on it, they’ve spray painted a mute symbol, and they’ve even built a “wall” around it. Times have been tough for the Trump star. So in a way this is kind of good news? Can’t fuck with a star that doesn’t exist. It’s like prison versus the death penalty: every day you can get tortured or you can just end it all right away. I’m not sure about you, but I’d take option two every time.

Also, as we’re all well aware, Trump was never actually trying to become president (that point is really driven home by the fact that he’s not campaigning today, less than two weeks before the election, he’s opening a hotel in DC), he was just trying to grow his “brand.” Not sure that’s worked out so well? He’s got people destroying and defacing his stars, less that 25k people watched “Trump TV” last night, and they’ve gotta change the name of Trump Hotels and call them Scion now because fucking no one is staying there. Who knew that insulting everyone except white men wasn’t the best brand expansion strategy in 2016?