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Trick Daddy's Advice To Black Women That Nobody Asked For: "Tighten Up Hoes"

Kind of a good news, bad news situation when Trick Daddy starts trending on Twitter in October 2016. Whenever that happens to a celebrity/washed up rapper, everyone immediately assumes they’re dead. So I assumed the worst when it came to Trick Daddy. Well the good news is that Trick Daddy is alive and clearly well fed. The man who taught me about the other Miami, sugar water and mayonnaise sandwiches is just fine. The bad news is he’s alive and talking. Trick love da kids and empty calories but he does not love how Spanish and white women have closed the gap on black women. Damn shame in Trick’s eyes. You heard him, ladies. Tighten up hoes. The message is clear. I don’t really know what epidemic he’s alluding to cause me and Trick don’t exactly run in the same circles but it sounds pretty serious. I’ll have to keep my eye on the situation.


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