I Feel Partly Responsible For Predicting Cleveland's Sports Dominance In May


Typically you see a tweet like this and can immediately bet the farm on Fabricio Werdum, Miocic’s opponent…


The Browns backing someone successful? A person from Cleveland achieving something and being happy? Preposterous. Preposterous, I tell you!



But not tonight, folks. Following the most depressing 30 for 30 in history about what a piece of shit, sad sack town Cleveland is, Stipe Miocic brings the belt back (I guess?) to The Forest City with a first round KO on a mean counter. The wheels of change grind slowly, my friends, but they might be a grinding. And it all starts on the night that everyone started to really pity Cleveland on a deep, spiritual level. Kind of poetic, right? Hit rock bottom with a television special about how much they suck, now it’s time for the bounce back. I’m not saying anything, I’m just saying keep an eye on Cleveland because they’ve finally got a crack in the dam. First the UFC heavyweight, then maybe the NBA Championship, then the world? Who knows?

This is on me, friends. I’ll put my hand up and wear this one. Five months ago Cleveland was the focal point of every sports joke, they had Johnny Manziel and Josh Gordon and no championships in like a billion years, and ESPN was airing specials about how much they suck. Now? Well, now the Cleveland Cavaliers are receiving their World Champion rings while the Cleveland Indians play in the World Series a block away. It’s as big a 180 as anyone’s ever seen, from the laughing stock of the sports world to its epicenter.

Unfortunately, that can all be traced back to a night in May when a foolish Barstool Sports blogger decided to acknowledge that their was a certain chill in the air. I apologize. Much like how you don’t hit traffic if you don’t talk about traffic, Cleveland doesn’t win if you don’t talk about the possibility of Cleveland winning. Don’t even put the idea in their head. But I made the mistake of acknowledging that we gave a mouse a cookie in the form of a UFC Championship and now that little fucking mouse wants world domination. I don’t know what to say, I’m sorry. I fucked up. Hope is the most dangerous drug of all and I gave the people of Cleveland a hit. That’s on me.

At least the Browns are still the Browns. For now.