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A Lady Is Suing Kentucky Fried Chicken For $20 Million Cause Her Bucket Of Chicken Wasn't Filled To The Top

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HOPEWELL JUNCTION, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — A Kentucky Fried Chicken ad has ruffled one Dutchess County woman’s feathers. Anna Wurtzburger, 64, of Dutchess County, filed a $20 million lawsuit against the fast food chain, claiming KFC is fooling hungry families with their $20 bucket of chicken ad that depicts a bucket overflowing with food. Wurtzburger claims she received less than half a bucket of chicken. According to KFC, there are only eight pieces of chicken in the bucket. But for Wurtzburger, that’s not the point. “It’s the principle of the matter,” Wurtzburger said. “Sometimes you gotta hit people where they feel the hurt. For me, a corporation like that — would be in the pocketbook.” Wurtzburger said she was offered coupons for $70 in free chicken, but she refused.

Get it girl! I know for a fact this lady was just chomping at the bit to sue somebody for 20 million dollars. She was just waiting for some company to screw up so she could have her day in court. I understand her motivation. She’s 64 years old and the curtain is gonna close soon. Might as well take your shot at winning 20 million dollars and living out the rest of your days like a queen. Even if the lawsuit is pretty much the definition of a frivolous lawsuit. Whatever. You know what Wayne Gretzky by way of Michael Scott says, you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. Kinda sucks that she decided to blow her load on KFC though. Cause all she’s probably gonna get out of it is some store credit. I can’t eat that shit anymore. It takes a lot for me to abandon a fast food place permanently but there were one too many internet stories about deep fried rats. Or deep fried shoes. Or deep fried eye balls. At a certain point you just have to say goodbye.